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Norcross Plumbers – Akins is your Norcross Plumbing Service Company! Here at Akins Plumbing we pride ourselves on the way we do business. Residents in the zip code 30003, 30010, 30071, 30091, 30093 do not need to look any further when they are in need of quality service and repairs. Our priority is customer service and high quality work because we know that is what makes a company successful. We know that the success of a business can be measured on the happiness and size of the customer base. That is why we put so much emphasis on customer satisfaction. Call on us to be your local Norcross plumber and we will extend our customer service promise to you. We promise that no matter what type of Norcross plumbing job you need us to do we will give it our full attention and work hard to make you happy. Akins will get you covered on all jobs big and small. We can service your Norcross septic system, conduct Norcross leak detection services, or fix those leaky faucets. We are also capable of handling the larger jobs like complete Norcross septic tank installations or total plumbing renovations.

Plumbing emergencies happen, and when they do you need to act fast in order to do proper damage control. An out of control plumbing problem can damage a whole lot more than pipes! It can destroy carpets, flooring, furniture, and precious irreplaceable personal items. Some companies will make you wait until the morning, or the next business day to come out to repair major Norcross leaks or burst pipes but not us. We are available to answer your distress calls at any time of the day or night. The phones at Akins Plumbing are always going to be answered. We offer our emergency service to customers in need of urgent response 24/7 and every day of the year including weekends and holidays.

Norcross, Georgia Plumber

Akins Plumbing offers a full array of available plumbing services. Why call three or four companies for one job? We do it all! All of our technicians are state licensed and fully trained on ANY plumbing issue you may have. We are licensed, bonded and insured! As always, all work and products are guaranteed. Our customer’s satisfaction is our # 1 priority and completely guaranteed with ANY job we do. Norcross – Call us today and experience the difference!

Norcross Plumbing Services

  • We are Norcross’s best choice for all Plumbing Services you may need!
  • Any general plumbing issue (leaky faucets,toilet leaks, etc)
  • Water heater repair or new installation (inside and out)
  • NEW Tankless water heaters installed!
  • Water or Gas lines (repair, replace or new)
  • Kitchen, bathroom, bar renovation, repair or installation
  • Faucet, Sink, Garbage disposal or any other plumbing fixture installed!
  • Toilet, tub, shower, or any other bathroom fixture repair, installation or renovation

Norcross Leak Detection

  • Expert leak detection
  • Emergency water removal, 24/7
  • State-of-the-art leak detection equipment
  • Septic Tank Services
  • State licensed technicians

Norcross Septic Tank Services

  • Clean, repair, or replace septic tanks
  • Tank clog repair
  • Hydro-jetting cleaning services
  • Broken septic tank lid replaced or repaired
  • Septic tank inspections
  • Complete septic pumping solutions – we have the best prices in town!

Norcross Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks can cause a lot of problems for your home or business. Not only can a leak increase your water bill, it can cause extensive water damage that may become a breeding ground for mildew and mold, a major health hazard that puts you and your family at risk.

A slab leak is often caused by a pipe bursting. One of the first signs of a slab leak is puddles of water on your floor, but unfortunately, a leak isn’t always so obvious, especially if it’s a slow leak. If there is water seeping through your floor, it’s important to rule out any other sources of the leak. Our slab leak detection experts will do just that.

Other signs of a slab leak include low water pressure, cracking in floors, water puddles outdoors, hot floors, and unexplained noises. Our experts know what to look for and will evaluate and inspect your home. If we detect a slab leak, we will repair the leak, extract the water, conduct moisture and bacteria testing, and repair any damages.

Norcross Well Service

Maintaining your water well is crucial to ensure your home always has clean, safe drinking water. Proper maintenance and regularly testing your well and septic tank for contaminants is an important part of that.

We have water well experts who will test your well for pollutants. If we determine there is groundwater contamination such as excessive fluoride, copper, or chlorine, we can treat your water with proven methods to ensure it’s safe for your family to drink.

We can also help with low water levels and offer you professional advice on managing your water use. Our well services also include flood management, winterizing, and expert advice if your well runs dry.

Whether you want your water tested, you need service on your pressure tank, are having pump issues, need us to check and repair valves or you’re having complications with your pressure switches, our professional water well service experts at Akins Plumbing have you covered.

About Akins Plumbing

Akins Plumbing started out as a small plumbing company back in 1986. Ricky Akins is a master plumber who had the right idea when it came to building up a notable reputation amongst the people in Georgia. He had the goal to build up a team of highly skilled plumbing technicians who understood the value of hard work and good work ethics. The Better Business Bureau has evaluated Akins Plumbing and has determined that we meet their accreditation standards. The BBB has even awarded us with an A+ rating. We are also recognized and certified through other reputable organizations and affiliations.

Norcross is one of the busiest and diverse areas in the Metro Atlanta area. The city lies within the Gwinnett County lines and is about 15-20 minutes from downtown Atlanta. It is one of the first suburban areas heading north out of the downtown area. The city is a mix between retail and commercial dense areas and residential areas. Norcross is a very developed area with something for everyone when it comes to recreation and entertainment. It is home to many different restaurants and shopping destinations. The city itself is very large and stretches far across Gwinnett County and has a small historical district with many historical buildings and landmarks.

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